The energy you use at home is a significant part of Scotland’s annual CO2 emissions.

If we all take steps to make our homes more energy efficient it makes them nicer to live in, helps our wallets and the environment.

Being greener at home is about using less energy and being efficient with the energy you do use. There are small actions you can take, such as turning down your thermostat by 1-degree or not leaving gadget chargers plugged in when not in use. Then there are the bigger things like upgrading your heating system, thinking about renewables or stopping your precious heat from escaping.

In the final leg of his stupidly simple journey Phil is visiting an eco-home to find out why it is so important we all make our homes that bit more greener

So pull up a chair and join us in the living room to hear from our expert Malcolm and homeowner Ulrich.
Watch Stupidly Simple - Episode 5

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Are you already making your lifestyle greener?
The Scottish Government is looking to gather stories about what individuals or communities are doing to create a greener Scotland. If you have a story to share please post on our Greener Together Stories Site