With benefits such as improved health, more money in your pocket, reducing waste and a better local environment it is clear that there is much to be gained by adopting a greener lifestyle.

In fact with many of the steps involved in becoming greener being such common sense, like turning down your thermostat by 1-degree (you will not notice the difference), the path ahead could be described as stupidly simple.

Phil Kay has been on a stupidly simple journey of discovery to find out why it is important we all think about becoming greener and what action can be taken. Phil is chatting with a host of experts on various topics and interviewing some Scots who've already made some of the changes.

In episode 1, Phil is learning out about the science behind climate change and what impact individuals can have by taking action.

Please join Phil as he starts his journey.

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Are you already making your lifestyle greener?
The Scottish Government is looking to gather stories about what individuals or communities are doing to create a greener Scotland. If you have a story to share please post on our Greener Together Stories Site