Did you know that by taking one simple action that will take 30 minutes a day you can add on 7-years to your life expectancy? It is good for your health and it helps make Scotland a greener place to live.

If we walk, run or cycle 5 miles per week instead of taking the car we are helping the environment to the tune of nearly 70,000 fewer cars on the road.
In the second episode of Phil Kay’s Stupidly Simple journey he is investigating the topic of travel, in particular the benefits of using your car less, especially for shorter journeys. So join Phil and his ‘mobile interview suite’ as he asks those important why and how questions. After all if it’s not far, ditch the car.

Watch Stupidly Simple 2 - Travel.

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Are you already making your lifestyle greener?
The Scottish Government is looking to gather stories about what individuals or communities are doing to create a greener Scotland. If you have a story to share please post on our Greener Together Stories Site